Our prison ministry reaches out to a countryman, who is serving a sentence since 1999. The person found Christ a few years after been sentenced. A note had been posted in a Bulgarian cultural center, urging the Bulgarian community to help an inmate, who is a Bulgarian citizen. A lady from the church read that note and decided to start visiting this person. She brought him a Bible, wrote letters, and witnessed to him regularly. At the same time the inmate started watching our TV broadcasts, which helped him to know more about Christ and answered many of his questions.

Today that same person is our brother in Christ. He gave his life over to Christ and has never been the same again. Every time we visit him he is as much an encouragement to us as we try to encourage him. He never stops witnessing, praying, and encouraging … NO walls can stop the expansion of the Kingdom of God!!! Praise the Lord!!!


12/03/2009 – Новини от затвора.